Wall Street Magnate Competition

ValueWalk is pleased to team up with wallstreetmagnate.com for their June stock competition. Readers can sign up for the free competition below and check their latest stats.

In short, Wall Street Magnate operates a fantasy stock trading platform freely available on the web, in the App Store, and in Google Play.  Valuewalk has partnered with Wall Street Magnate for a Fantasy Stock Trading Competition for the month of June.  Entry into the competition is entirely free and top finishers  receive a crystal trophy.

For more information please check out the following URL for any information you need.

See the chart below for some of the very basics on the competition and a mock of what the dashboard looks like while logged in.

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Wall Street Magnate Competition
Wall Street Magnate Competition




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Wall Street Magnate Competition – more info

If you are curious to learn more the founder of Wall Street Magnate did a great interview with Wharton Magazine recently, below is an excerpt.

Students are taking to it on their own, according to the founders. Why? In part, competition. Just as fantasy sports players join leagues and compete against friends and colleagues over the course of a season, WSM allows members to participate in a “club” structure, first introduced in May 2014. Hundreds of university and high school investment clubs from all over the world have taken to Wall Street Magnate since this feature went live. And as the team has simulated the experience of trading, it has also incorporated another attraction of fantasy sports—smack talk. Members can use built-in instant messaging to get under the skin of friends in their league—or collaborate with them, if it’s more a club-type setting.

Overall, one would expect an authenticity to it because Cohen’s day job is trading and has been since he graduated from Wharton.

“It’s as realistic as it can possibly be without using real money,” he adds.

Currently focused on growth and delivering the highest quality user experience, Cohen explains, WSM will look for “various potential partnership and co-marketing arrangements” as the game’s user base grows. In the meantime, both men are funding the venture and running it while still working their full-time jobs (Schlossberg is a corporate lawyer). WSM’s a second job, well worth it, given they both have dreamed of becoming entrepreneurs. And now that they are both over 30—not quite midlife crisis age but closing in—they knew it wasn’t too late, but they had to act now.

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