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Carlyle Group’s Rubenstein Gives the Fed High Marks

Carlyle Group LP (NASDAQ:CG) co-founder David Rubenstein spoke with Bloomberg TV’s Cristina Alesci in Berlin, Germany today.  David Rubenstein said that buyout firms will put “much more” money to work this year as deals pick up.  He said, “We are going […]

Fed Joins Goldman in Bond Market Warning

Fed Joins Goldman in Bond Market Warning

Federal Reserve Governor Jeremy Stein warned about the signs of overheating in the bond markets during a speech in a symposium in St. Louis, Missouri. Stein raised his concerns saying some sectors in the financial system are becoming risky particularly the bond […]

Gary Cohn

Gary Cohn: Goldman Sachs Not Preparing for Bond Market Meltdown

Goldman Sachs President and COO Gary Cohn spoke with Bloomberg Television’s Stephanie Ruhle on “Market Makers” from Cleveland, OH today, one of the cities where Goldman provides education and funding for small business owners. Cohn said that, “there is really […]