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Image Credit: Apple Inc. (Screenshot)

Facebook Messenger Adds iOS 10 CallKit Support

Earlier this month, Apple introduced CallKit framework with iOS 10. CallKit allows third-party apps to make their communications behave like iOS’ standard Phone app on the lockscreen with a similar set of controls. Facebook has pushed out an update to […]

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WhatsApp Adds GIFs Support For Android Users

WhatsApp users have been asking for GIF support, and the application has been tantalizing the feature for quite some time now. There has even been a WhatsApp Animated GIFs folder inside the WhatsApp directory on users’ local phone storage, alluding […]

WhatsApp Doesn’t Fully Delete Messages, Chats

WhatsApp Doesn’t Fully Delete Messages, Chats

Researcher Jonathan Zdziarski claims that the popular messaging service WhatsApp does not delete messages that users send to archive. The app promises to protect user privacy thanks to end-to-end encryption and the ability to archive, clear and delete messages from […]

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Here’s Why Facebook Inc (FB) Stock Hits New High

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) stock reached an all-time intraday high on Wednesday, rising more than 1% to $121.92, around the announcement of a major milestone for Messenger. On Wednesday, the social media giant announced that now a billion people use Messenger every month. […]

Brazil Allows WhatsApp Back Online

Brazil Allows WhatsApp Back Online

WhatsApp messenger is now back online in Brazil following a temporary suspension ordered by a judge. Supreme Court judge Ricardo Lewandowski overturned a ruling by lower court judge Daniela Barbosa that WhatsApp should be taken offline. Barbosa handed down the […]