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Is Google Inc Losing In Europe?

Google conducted an exclusive event in the month of August last year, and the main attendees were the Googlers. At this event, a debate took place between the Internet firm’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt and the CEO of Vodafone – […]

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Will iPhone 7 Finally Feature Liquidmetal?

Apple has renewed its exclusive contract with Liquidmetal Technologies to use the latter’s metal alloys in its products, reveals a document (via MacRumors) filed with the SEC. It has fueled speculations that the next iPhone, likely to be called iPhone […]

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Vodafone Creates 150 New Jobs In Scotland

Vodafone, the British telecommunications giant, announced that it will create 150 new jobs in Scotland during the launching of its new broadband service in the United Kingdom. According to Vodafone, the new positions will be added to its call center […]