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New Human Ancestor Unveiled In South Africa

Although modern civilization has only been around for a couple thousand years, the existence of humankind and our predecessors extend back multiple millions of years. Although there are many gaps in our knowledge about the dawn of humanity, we have […]

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The New Platinum Frontier

Here’s A New Platinum Frontier Rising Further to the first and third items above, South Africa and Brazil might have more to do with each other than most investors believe. The two countries seem far apart. But take a look at […]

When Toiling In Obscurity Leads To Greatness

When Toiling In Obscurity Leads To Greatness

The sun is shining, as it’s always done Coffin dust is the fate of everyone Talking ’bout the rich folks The poor create the rich hoax — Rich Folks Hoax, Rodriquez Blue Oyster Cult Jethro Tull Led Zeppelin (ahhh Zep!) […]