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Vinyl Records Are Back, Sony To Resume Production

Sony Music Entertainment stopped making vinyl records in 1989, but now it has re-entered the segment due to rising demand for this vintage product. The Japanese company will be making  vinyl records at a factory near Tokyo. What makes Sony’s […]

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Xbox One X vs PlayStation 4 Pro

Microsoft has officially announced the Xbox One X, formerly known as Project Scorpio. The Redmond company is touting it as the most powerful gaming console on the planet. It will be competing directly with Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. But Sony […]

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List Of Phones To Get Android O Update

Android is arguably the most popular mobile OS in the world, for which a new updated version is released each year. Right now, people are still waiting to get their hands on Nougat. But, that hasn’t stopped Google from working […]

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Sony Officially Ends Production Of PS3 In Japan

Sony has officially shut down sales of the PlayStation 3 in Japan, according to Gematsu. The official PS3 product page on the Sony Japan website states that shipments of the console have “ended.” However, it is not clear whether the company will […]