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The Top 10 Series A Investors In Software

The Top 10 Series A Investors In Software by PitchBook As the price of building a software startup has come down thanks to enterprises like Amazon Web Services, the number of companies being created has skyrocketed. This is evident when […]

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BlackBerry Ltd Hits Key Milestone In Its Turnaround

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said the company is very close to transitioning from a smartphone-making business to one that specializes in secure mobile communications. On Thursday, the Canadian firm posted its first-quarter financial results, reporting revenue of $166 million for software and […]

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What Is Jailbreaking And How To Do It?

You’ve probably seen or heard someone mention Jailbreaking before, whilst talking to someone about iPhone’s, but h ave you ever consider what a jailbreak actually is? Yes, I realise that if you did not know better you would think it […]