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The Evolution Of Instant Messaging [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Evolution Of Instant Messaging [INFOGRAPHIC]

The concept of instant messaging crossed into the mainstream in the 1990s, allowing friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and like-minded thinkers from all over the world to connect in real-time. Since then, instant messaging has revolutionized how we communicate, and today over […]

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Twitter Adds Snapchat-Like QR Codes

Twitter introduced QR codes into its apps for Android and iOS on Wednesday. Not having QR codes was a major existential threat to the social network as a business. Also it was the main reason no one followed anyone on the platform, […]

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Snap Rolls Out Initial Release Of Spectacles

In late September, Snap, the company best known for ephemeral photo-sharing app Snapchat, announced its first hardware product: a pair of glasses with an embedded camera called Spectacles. Although the company released a promotional video and announced a $130 price […]

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Facebook Releases Another Snapchat-Like App

Facebook is just not willing to lose in video messaging apps to anyone, and for this reason, it is launching another Snapchat clone. This will be just another ephemeral standalone picture and video messaging app with face-distorting masks, making it […]