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How Politics Brings Out The Worst In Us

How Politics Brings Out The Worst In Us

How Politics Brings Out The Worst In Us by Max Borders, Foundation For Economic Education The spectacle is not a collection of images, but a social relation among people, mediated by images. – Guy Duborg Have you seen The Best […]

Is Putin More Dangerous Than ISIS?

Although Islamic State militants continue to threaten attacks on Western cities, there is an argument that Russia and President Vladimir Putin are potentially more of a threat to the world as we know it. As Alexander J. Motyl writes in World […]

Syria Vote: UK Politicians To Decide On Airstrikes

British Prime Minister David Cameron is making his case for the Syria vote, pressing for air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, claiming that UK warplanes can help “keep the British people safe” from terror attacks. Cameron previously claimed […]

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Hillary Clinton Lampoons Proposed Pfizer-Allergan Merger

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has blasted the proposed merger between two huge pharmaceutical companies. Clinton claims that the merger of Pfizer and Allergan will “leave U.S. taxpayers holding the bag” as the massive new firm sets up headquarters in Ireland […]