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State Of Illinois On Its Last Legs

Last week it was reported that the illinois Budget was in dire financial straits making it a perfect candidate for Sate Bankruptcy. The state faces $15 billion in backlogged bills and mounting ratings downgrades from credit agencies. The struggling state […]

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Why European High-Yield ETFs Don't Deliver

There’s value and opportunity in European high-yield bonds today. But if you’re considering using an exchange-traded fund (ETF) to tap into the market, you may want to think again. The reason is simple: Europe’s largest high-yield ETF has consistently underperformed […]

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Shiller’s Record at Short-Term-Timing Predictions Is Poor

Valuation-Informed Indexing #218 by Rob Bennett Last week’s column examined public statements in which Yale Economics Professor Robert Shiller showed that he believes in short-term timing. I wish he didn’t. Shiller’s breakthrough finding was showing the critical distinction between short-term […]