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Systemic Risk, Policies, And Data Needs

Systemic Risk, Policies, And Data Needs

Systemic Risk, Policies, And Data Needs Agostino Capponi Columbia University July 6, 2016 INFORMS Tutorials in Operations Research, Forthcoming Abstract: The study of financial system stability is of fundamental importance in modern economies. The failure or distress experienced by systemically […]

China And The Next Phase of Reform: Stratfor Analysis

Summary The commitment and ability of China’s leaders to follow through on new policies and to meet rising expectations will be tested as they strive to balance competing social, economic, political and security challenges. Three decades ago, China embarked on […]

Witches Brew: Fingers Of Instabilty Part V

Blood sport In what is BECOMING the deadliest game of CHICKEN since the August 2011 US debt ceiling Showdown, we are at the doorstep of part II.  In a game of chicken, two cars rush headlong towards each other to […]

China Easing Into Slower Growth Rates

While China’s GDP growth continues to slow, there is no reason to expect a sudden drop in GDP or a government stimulus meant to artificially maintain the country’s previous highs according to a report from CLSA’s Andy Rothman.   China […]

In Japan’s Abenomics Era, The Trading Day Ends at 3AM

Volatility in the Japanese markets is taking its toll both on traders’ nerves and their sleeping routines. Volatility isn’t a bad thing, of course. For bulls and bears alike, rollercoaster markets in Japan represent excellent buying and selling opportunities. Making […]

The Federal Reserve Vs. Interest Rates [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Federal Reserve Vs. Interest Rates [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since the great recession, the Federal Reserve has taken extraordinary measures to keep interest rates low. These policies have likely Diminished the Americans’ purchasing power. Inflation is increasing while interest rates are decreasing. How much has the disparity between the […]

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) vs. U.S. Car Dealers

One of the big advantages that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has in the auto market is the cooperation of the government on a state and federal level. The government subsidizes the purchase of every single Tesla Model S. The company needs […]