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Phil Falcone Letter to MCG Capital

June 15, 2015 Board of Directors MCG Capital Corporation 1001 19th Street North, 10th Floor Arlington, Virginia 22209 Attention: Richard W. Neu, Chairman of the Board Ladies and Gentlemen: Reference is made to the offer letter sent to you on […]

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Is Falcone Legacy Going Down With Lightsquared?

The legacy of one-time high-flying hedge fund manager Phil Falcone may be fading with his highly concentrated and failed investment in Lightsquared, but Falcone is now banking on a lawsuit against the government to bailout his bold and controversial trade. […]

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Phil Falcone Compares Dish Chief To Nixon

Charlie Ergen and Phil Falcone are like Joan Collins, Susan Lucci and their respective enemies. These soap opera stars who ruled both prime time and daytime television brought the drama like these two men when they talk about each other. It’s […]