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iPhone 7 Rumored Price List

The iPhone 7 will be unveiled in the coming weeks, and once again we can expect queues around the block for Apple’s premier product, even if Apple is lukewarm on the prospects of its smartphone compared to previous years. But […]

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Some Think Prisma Is An Illuminati App

The Prisma app has shot to prominence as social media users fawn over its machine-learning filters which turn normal filters into works of art. However it appears that not everyone is as pleased with the app. Some people in Pakistan […]

Alleged UFO Spaceship Spotted In Karachi, Pakistan [PHOTOS]

Alleged UFO Spaceship Spotted In Karachi, Pakistan [PHOTOS]

A UFO was reportedly seen in the Gulistan-e-Jahaur area of Karachi, Pakistan on Monday. Images of the UFO have gone viral on social media. The photos seem to show what looks like a spaceship-type object just above the rooftops. Witnesses in the area say they saw the object for approximately […]

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Pakistan Supports, India Fails Kashmir

Kashmir is back in the news and once again a potential powder-keg with most blaming India for the newest cycle of violence in a region that has been omnipresent since India and Pakistan became separate nations. Many believe that the […]

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Download And Play Pokemon Go In Any Country

Nintendo has taken the world by storm with its augmented reality game Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, the blockbuster game is available only in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Gamers in other parts of the world can’t keep quiet while […]

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Czech Republic Wants Pakistan Army To Train Troops

The Czech Republic has expressed an interest in Pakistan helping to train their army. High-level discussions The Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif has spent a day in Prague as part of an official visit to Europe. During the visit, which happened […]