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Jeff Klingelhofer & Nicholos Venditti – Bond Risk

Just about everywhere you look, America is awash in debt. U.S. households recently set a new record of indebtedness, $12.7 trillion, more than they owed at the height of the credit bubble in 2008. But context is everything.  As last […]

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When The Tidal Wave Hits, Part I

Disaster is nearly upon us. This has been a regular theme in these commentaries for several years. Increasingly, however, these warnings draw reactions of apathy rather than alarm. The fact that our house-of-cards economies (and societies) have not already unraveled […]

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If Donald Trump Does This, We Will Win

No matter who won the presidency, the economic way forward was not going to be easy. The national debt and deficit must be brought under control, or we will face a crisis. Donald Trump Avoiding that crisis—even if it is […]