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NASA’s Kilopower Program Can Help Colonize Mars

NASA wants to revolutionize space exploration with its space nuclear reactor technology, better known as the Kilopower program. The space agency will start testing it this month. More importantly, the Kilopower program could be the key technology used for colonizing […]

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Why Is Pluto Colder Than It Should Be?

One of our favorite dwarf planets is incredibly far away, and its frigid temperatures are not surprising. Pluto is, on average, 40 times as far away from our sun as we are, which means that there’s not a lot of […]

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The Dream Chaser Made A Successful Glide-Test

A spacecraft from Sierra Nevada Corporation completed its test flight successfully. A free-flight test was performed at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California. The Dream Chaser is in development, and once the spacecraft is complete, it will send cargo […]

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Ice Cream And Pizza Being Launched Into Space

Yes, you read right, an ice cream truck really launched into space, although in the form of the resupply craft intended for the international space station. It was launched from the NASA facility on Wallops Island in Virginia. One of […]

Could The Eclipse Be A Warning Sign?

Could The Eclipse Be A Warning Sign?

A total solar eclipse is set to take place on Monday, August 21, and it will be the first one in 99 years that will cast its shadow across the entire continent in what is called a “path of totality.” […]

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Smallest Ever Star Discovered by Astronomers

A team of scientists from Cambridge University have made an interesting discovery about 600 light years away from Earth. The smallest ever star currently known to man is party of a binary system which means it orbits another, larger star. […]