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Who is behind the coup in Turkey?

In mid-July, there was an attempted coup in Turkey. After few days of the fight, president Erdogan regained control of the situation and media found other topics to focus on but what happened in Turkey has huge geopolitical weight. Role […]

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The Turkish Coup, Part I

The Turkish Coup, Part I On Friday, July 15, reports out of Turkey indicated that unusual troop activity was underway which suggested a coup was in progress. In the U.S., as afternoon turned toward early evening, it was abundantly clear […]

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Of Coups And The Constitution

Of Coups And The Constitution Glenn Harlan Reynolds University of Tennessee College of Law June 29, 2016 Abstract: Military coups d’etat are a relatively common means of government turnover in many countries, but not in the United States. This paper […]

Egypt, Oil and the Middle East Supply Fallacy

Egypt, Oil and the Middle East Supply Fallacy

By EconMatters Egypt: It`s Jobs Stupid…..A couple of weeks ago Egypt demonstrations led to the Mursi administration being removed from office, who was elected from the last set of demonstrations. What Mursi and many media analysts failed to realize is that the demonstrations weren`t […]

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Azerbaijan: Digesting the Lessons of Egypt

The military coup d’etat in Egypt is generating debate among democratization proponents in Azerbaijan. Some blame the exclusionary politics of the deposed president Mohammad Morsi for provoking the coup, others see it as conventional military meddling. But people on both […]