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Image Credit: Geralt / Pixabay

Now You Can Transfer Money via Facebook Messenger

Facebook users will have another medium at their disposal to transfer money because the social networking giant will soon start accepting money transfers facilitated by TransferWise on Messenger. The digital payments start-up confirmed that it has created a custom chatbot […]

Facebook Messenger app by Janitors on 2014-04-29 14:47:56

Facebook Making Messenger Less Data Hungry

Facebook Messenger uses a lot of internet data, which might annoy most of its users. The problem won’t last much longer though, as the company has decided to make future versions of the app less data hungry – thanks to […]

Facebook Messenger app by Janitors on 2014-04-29 14:47:56

Facebook Messenger Now Has End-To-End Encryption

Facebook has finally rolled out end-to-end encryption for Messenger, which has more than 1 billion users. Now users can enable the new layer of secure communication by turning Secret Conversations on in any chat. A Secret Conversation can be started […]

Image Credit: Apple Inc. (Screenshot)

Facebook Messenger Adds iOS 10 CallKit Support

Earlier this month, Apple introduced CallKit framework with iOS 10. CallKit allows third-party apps to make their communications behave like iOS’ standard Phone app on the lockscreen with a similar set of controls. Facebook has pushed out an update to […]