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karlfrey / Pixabay

The UAE Wants To Grow Plants On Mars

We wrote earlier about the UAE Space Agency’s intent to launch a probe to Mars within the next three years. The space agency is also ambitious about colonizing the Red Planet, but also the UAE wants to grow plants on […]

Between the Earth and the moon: An artist’s rendering of a refueling depot for deep-space exploration. Sung Wha Kang (RISD), CC BY-ND

Mining The Moon For Rocket Fuel To Get Us To Mars

Gary Li, University of California, Los Angeles; Danielle DeLatte, University of Tokyo; Jerome Gilleron, Georgia Institute of Technology; Samuel Wald, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Therese Jones, Pardee RAND Graduate School Forty-five years have passed since humans last set foot […]

Aynur_zakirov / Pixabay

Busted Moon Could Put Rings Around Mars

Early Mars may have had rings like Saturn, and might have them again, according to a new model. The research suggests that debris, pushed into space from an asteroid or other body, slammed into the red planet around 4.3 billion years […]