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Why Did Microsoft Cut Over Two Thousand Jobs?

Why Did Microsoft Cut Over Two Thousand Jobs?

To remain profitable, large businesses sometimes have to make tough decisions that impact thousands of people. That’s the situation tech giant Microsoft finds itself in right now. In late July, the company revealed it would lay off nearly 3,000 employees […]

BlackBerry Ltd Job Cuts Push Stock Further Down

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) shares dropped sharply on Monday after the Canadian firm confirmed a report of large-scale job cuts. On Friday, Mobile Syrup claimed that the company fired approximately 1,000 employees in both Canada and the U.S. On Monday, BlackBerry shares closed […]

Barclays Is Scaling Back In Asia, Slashing Jobs

Under its new chief executive, James E. Staley, Barclays is set to scale back its operations throughout Asia while completely divesting itself of a physical presence in numerous countries in a move that could see 1,200 jobs being cut in […]