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Jim Grant – Big, Dumb Japanese Banks

Preview of the next funding crisis; cheers for Tad Rivelle, hisses for Kraft Heinz. [klq4mqn] 0:07 Intro 1:16 Japanese banks and their #dollars 5:55 TCW’s Tad Rivelle channels David Stockman 8:14 Janet #Yellen isn’t worried 11:30 “The way forward is […]

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Matthews Japan Fund Q4 2014 Letter

Matthews Japan Fund commentary for the fourth quarter 2014. For the year ending December 31, 2014, the Matthews Japan Fund returned -2.60% (Investor Class) while its benchmark, the MSCI Japan Index, returned -3.72%. For the fourth quarter of the year, […]

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Japanese Banks Accused Of Tibor Manipulation

Japanese banks are at the receiving end of scrutiny after Hideto Takata, a former derivative trader, accused the banks of keeping the Tokyo interbank lending rate (Tibor) artificially high. Takata, who is a renowned trader with work experience in various […]