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When The Tidal Wave Hits, Part I

Disaster is nearly upon us. This has been a regular theme in these commentaries for several years. Increasingly, however, these warnings draw reactions of apathy rather than alarm. The fact that our house-of-cards economies (and societies) have not already unraveled […]

By Katrina.Tuliao (https://www.tradergroup.org) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Boom/Bust Cycle Isn't About Emotion

My first experience with manias was in the 1950’s. As a pre-schooler, I was dragged along to the Filene’s Basement annual designer dress sale. Thousands of women of all types and sizes pressed against the glass doors opening into the […]

Absolute Returns – A Marketer’s Dream?

Absolute Returns – A Marketer’s Dream?

Absolute return promises – easy to make, but hard to keep. “Do not expect high returns without high risk. Do not expect safety without correspondingly low returns.”  — William Bernstein, “The Four Pillars of Investing” (2002) The promise of generating […]

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The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow, DV

Regardless of your political point of view, life will go on after the election.  Truth, given the two leading candidates, I get why many feel bad — they are both personally flawed to the degree that we shouldn’t want to […]

Ben Graham’s 1932 Forbes Articles

Ben Graham’s 1932 Forbes Articles

Ben Graham’s 1932 Forbes Articles by Jae Jun Here’s a thought I want to start with. “I don’t understand why business schools don’t teach the Warren Buffett model of investing. Or the Ben Graham model. Or the Peter Lynch model. […]