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Snapchat Sunglasses To Record Videos

Are you yearning to view the world through Snapchat-filtered sunglasses? You’ll soon be able to do just that, as Snapchat is releasing its very own sunglasses with a built-in camera, dubbed “Spectacles.” Oh snap, son! The millennial-friendly messaging service plus […]

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Snapchat May Be Developing Augmented Reality Glasses

Evidence is mounting that photo=sharing app Snapchat may be working on some augmented reality glasses. The first signs that Snapchat was considering making a wearable product appeared in 2014, when the company acquired Vergeance Labs. The firm specializes in smart glasses. […]

Skull Sounds Could Be Used As Your New Password

Skull Sounds Could Be Used As Your New Password

Fingerprint technology made quite an impact (pardon the pun) in the growing world of tech security, but things are about to get even weirder. Having trouble remembering your password? Don’t worry, your skull can help. New technology sends sound waves […]

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Google Glass 2 Appears In FCC Filing

The Google Glass Explorer program may have ended, but the project, which now is under Nest CEO Tony Fadell, is very much alive. On Monday, an FCC filing hinted at the next version of Google Glass, sharing details of the […]

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Google Brings Google Glass To Enterprise

Google Glass is coming back with a bang, and this time the tech giant plans to market it to businesses. The new Glass is reportedly dubbed GG1, and it will likely launch during the latter part of the year. Currently, […]