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Indonesia, Getting Hotter By The Day

Indonesia, Getting Hotter By The Day

Watch the video with Andrew Stotz or read a summary of the country profile on Indonesia. Four Pillars of GDP: Driven by private consumption While the title of this article could genuinely be referring to global warming, and not incorrectly, […]

By Balaram Mahalder (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Food And Jobs From Fish Hinge On Paris Agreement

A new study highlights how achieving the Paris Agreement-global warming of no more than 1.5º Celsius over pre-industrial levels—would affect global fisheries. It is currently unclear how the world will achieve the climate target, but the fisheries support the diets, livelihoods, […]

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Global Warming Is Already Changing Genes

Global climate change has already impacted every aspect of life on Earth, from genes to entire ecosystems, according to a new study in Science. “We now have evidence that, with only a ~1 degree Celsius of warming globally, major impacts […]

Earth’s Temperature Over 22,0000 Years In A Graphic

Earth’s Temperature Over 22,0000 Years In A Graphic

Earth Temperature Over 22,0000 Years In A Graphic via Visual Capitalist Climate change is a touchy subject, and it’s something that we only approach with the utmost deliberation and care. However, as simple or as light-hearted as it appears at […]

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Pacific sea level predicts rise in surface temps

Sea level changes in the Pacific Ocean let scientists estimate future global average surface temperatures, a new report shows. Based on the Pacific Ocean’s sea level in 2015, geoscientists estimate by the end of 2016 the world’s average surface temperature […]