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Trying To Download Blue Whale Game? Click Here

UPDATE: This alarming game has hit the headlines again recently, with evidence of children trying to download Blue Whale game having taking place in several countries. This will obviously be extremely alarming for parents considering the grisly nature of this game, […]

Image source: MKIceAndFire/YouTube (screenhot)

Open Beta For Dawn Of War 3 Starts Today

The game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 will be released on April 27, but gamers will be able to play it as soon as Saturday, thanks to the open beta. The game features all the important things that a player […]

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Pokemon Go Fever Is Far From Over: Niantic CEO

Pokemon Go witnessed the rarest success and fan following with players roaming the streets and going places to catch the virtual characters. This obsession with the game got Pokemon Go the Best Mobile Game Award at DICE. Now, many believe […]

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Now Students Need To Play Pokemon Go To Get A Degree

Pokemon Go‘s popularity has crossed gaming and is now part of academics as students at Salford University in the United Kingdom will possibly have to capture Pokemon as part of their degree. According to the Daily Mail, students taking the Business Information Technology […]