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State Owned Banks or Bank Owned States?

Investors dump bank shares. The Guardian has: Quote: One large shareholder in banking stocks warned that it was considering ditching all its investments in the sector in the wake of the Libor scandal and the money laundering allegations at HSBC […]

Moody’s Corporation (MCO) Danske and Bankia

The Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) downgrade. Downgrades by rating agencies are a symptom rather than a cause. References from your mother are generally not conclusive in a job application; but when can’t even pay people to say something nice about you – […]

Danish Central Bank Deposits Soar $200 Billion Overnight

Danish Central Bank Deposits Soar $200 Billion Overnight

Report: When: Friday afternoon 20th april 2012 and weekend What: The Danish Central Bank received 7 day deposits of 200 bio. DKK (40-50 bio. USD) FROM undisclosed financial institutes banks in Denmark. The Danish Central Bank extended 3 year credits […]

Moody’s Puts Downgrade Watch on Danske Bank

114 European banks get a punch on the nose – and we are talking major downgrades. Credit rating agencies are the subject of some debate as to the validity and timing of their evaluations. As banks pay for their rating […]

Danske Bank Pulling a fast one?

Danske Bank is reported by Danish newspapers to want to use the Euro stability fund granting cheap credit to banks for up to three years due to the disturbance Greece has caused. The Danish contribution, though not a part of […]