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How Scrooge And Tiny Tim Still Shape Christmas

Here’s an experiment for this holiday season: Watch out for all the “Bah humbug!”s and references to Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim, or benevolent ghosts you spot in TV ads, store displays, and greeting cards during the annual commercial frenzy leading […]

Get Ready For Thanksgiving Week Market Doldrums

Get Ready For Thanksgiving Week Market Doldrums

Everything except shopping slows down over the holidays in the United States, and that certainly as much true of Wall Street as anywhere else. That’s why it’s not too surprising to hear there’s hard data that back up the slowdown […]

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Parrot Announces Bebop 2 Consumer Drone

Drone manufacturer Parrot has some good news for those of you interested in buying a consumer unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The company announced its Bebop 2 drone at a news conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. According to Parrot the new […]