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Talking To Myself

This month’s MarketCycle’s Musings is merely me ‘talking to myself.’ 1)  Where are we in the market cycle? Baupost Letter Points To Concern Over Risk Parity, Systematic Strategies During Crisis Undervaluation Is As Bad As Overvaluation Do Something Do Nothing […]

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The Top 6 US VC Investors In Canada

The burgeoning tech scenes in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, as well as Canada’s relative proximity to US venture capital hubs, has led to high levels of foreign investment in the country. So far this year, 52% of VC deals in […]

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Is Canada On The Brink Of A Housing Bubble?

Wharton’s Benjamin Keys and Ryerson University’s Cynthia Holmes discuss a possible Canadian housing bubble. Housing prices in Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver have skyrocketed in the last few years, putting home ownership out of reach for many and causing experts […]