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Why China’s Onshore Bond Market Deserves A Look

Why China’s Onshore Bond Market Deserves A Look

Much has been made over MSCI’s announcement to incorporate China A shares in its Emerging Markets and ACWI indices beginning in June 2018. Indeed, this portends material fund flows, greater transparency, and a new investable universe for global institutional and […]

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Are You Prepared For The New Global Bond Market?

During the fourth quarter of 2016, a sharp increase in global bond yields was accompanied by a strong rotation in equities, as investors transferred money away from defensive stocks towards more cyclical areas. At the same time, global inflation has […]

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Jeff Klingelhofer & Nicholos Venditti – Bond Risk

Just about everywhere you look, America is awash in debt. U.S. households recently set a new record of indebtedness, $12.7 trillion, more than they owed at the height of the credit bubble in 2008. But context is everything.  As last […]

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Markets As A Range Of Reasonable Opinions

The following is from The Philosopher in Drobny’s classic The Invisible Hands (emphasis mine): Some people can trade markets using only numbers, prices on a screen but this approach does not work for me. The numbers have to mean something […]