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Markets As A Range Of Reasonable Opinions

The following is from The Philosopher in Drobny’s classic The Invisible Hands (emphasis mine): Some people can trade markets using only numbers, prices on a screen but this approach does not work for me. The numbers have to mean something […]

The Start Of The Matter

The Start Of The Matter

Of all virtues to which we must ultimately aspire, forgiveness demands the most of our souls. In our naivety, we may fancy ourselves man or woman enough to absolve those who have wronged us. But far too often, we find our pool […]

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The Five-Tool Bond Market

Willie Mays, Duke Snider and Ken Griffey, Jr. It’s no secret that these bigger than life baseball players are all Hall of Fame legends. But what about Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels? Or the Pittsburg Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen or Carlos […]