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Kenya Power Cut Affects Entire Country

Kenya Power Cut Affects Entire Country

According to the Associated Press, Kenya suffered a nationwide power cut on Tuesday, May 28. Power failed in the east African country at 13:30 local time, or 05:30 EST. The power cut was caused by the failure of two transmission […]

Syria Suffers Another Internet Outage

Syria yet again suffers an internet outage, cutting its citizens off from the rest of the online world. According to Internet monitoring firm Renesys, internet in the country has been down since Wednesday, 7:01 UTC (12:01 a.m. PDT). Confirmation U.S. […]

Syria’s Internet Returns After Blackout

The internet became unavailable across Syria just after 13:00 EST yesterday. A tentative report from the BBC suggests that the country’s citizens can now access the internet once again, though there is still a lack of explanation about what caused the […]

Syria Plugs Off The Internet

Syria’s violet, bloody civil war has now spilled over into the virtual world. Most lines of communication with the outside world have been cut off—including the Internet. Internet connections to the nation have been down for several hours. Those who […]