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BlackBerry_Q5_Launch 192 by vernieman on 2013-06-05 20:17:05

BlackBerry BBM Coming To Tizen OS Soon

BlackBerry BBM used to be the most popular app, but several new services have appeared in the past few years that made competition much fiercer. However, this did not break the Canadian firm, and rather than surrendering, it chose to […]

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BlackBerry Ltd aims to become the WeChat of Indonesia

BlackBerry intends to transform its BBM messaging app into a platform that serves multiple purposes, such as watching video, shopping online and getting celebrity updates. The hugely popular Chinese app WeChat serves as an inspiration for the Canadian firm. WeChat […]

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BlackBerry BBM Now Has Stephen Colbert Emoji

BlackBerry continues its legacy as an originator. The smartphone maker has added a character with one eyebrow raised, which is popularly known as the Stephen Colbert emoji. For the smartphone maker, this is perhaps the best moment since the eggplant emoji […]

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BlackBerry Seeks Alternatives To Replace WhatsApp

BlackBerry is looking for apps that can serve as good alternatives to WhatsApp for BB10. The move comes after WhatsApp announced that it will cease support for the company’s platforms by the end of the year. WhatsApp alternatives for BB10 Speaking to […]