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Baidu Has Decided To Open-Source Its Self-Driving Car Tech

Baidu has decided to share its autonomous driving technology with companies keen to design such vehicles. Further, the company will assist with sourcing components and hardware. The major services that the Chinese company will offer are vehicle platform, software platform, cloud […]

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China Is Backing Baidu To Take On The U.S. In AI Research

China intends to make significant contributions in the field of artificial intelligence, in which U.S.-based companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Alphabet and Facebook already hold dominant positions. China’s National Development and Reform Commission is funding search giant Baidu for this purpose, […]

Hayden Capital 3Q16 Commentary

Hayden Capital 3Q16 Commentary

Hayden Capital commentary for the third quarter ended September 30, 2016. Hayden Capital is a long-biased investment firm that takes concentrated positions in market-leading companies.  The hedge fund generally hold 6-15 core positions, and believe the best indication of a […]