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Image source: Matthews Asia

Matthews Asia: Q&A With Robert Horrocks, PhD

Q&A With Robert Horrocks, PhD by Matthews Asia Chief Investment Officer and Lead Manager, Matthews Asia Dividend Fund Matthews Asia: How do you view the market environment for Asian economies? Robert Horrocks: The biggest negative in the short term is […]

Image courtesy: Roger Buick/University of Washington

Lava Bubbles Show What Primordial Earth Was Like

Scientists researching conditions on primordial Earth have been afforded a great deal of insight thanks to tiny bubbles that formed inside lava rock 2.7 billion years ago. Researcher say that they have been able to analyze gas bubbles from inside […]

RBA Preparing A Big Rate Cut?

RBA Preparing A Big Rate Cut?

Amidst the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) inflation target mandate, a Macquarie analyst believes the central bank will trim 50bp off rates between May and August. James McIntyre published his March 30 research note titled “Australia & NZ Economics: North America trip feedback” […]