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RBA Holds Rates, Not Worried About Brexit

RBA Holds Rates, Not Worried About Brexit

As central banks across the northern hemisphere adopt a more dovish stance following Brexit, down under in Australia, the Reserve Bank of Australia doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the political and financial instability that has rocked global markets […]

Image source: Matthews Asia

Matthews Asia: Q&A With Robert Horrocks, PhD

Q&A With Robert Horrocks, PhD by Matthews Asia Chief Investment Officer and Lead Manager, Matthews Asia Dividend Fund Matthews Asia: How do you view the market environment for Asian economies? Robert Horrocks: The biggest negative in the short term is […]

Image courtesy: Roger Buick/University of Washington

Lava Bubbles Show What Primordial Earth Was Like

Scientists researching conditions on primordial Earth have been afforded a great deal of insight thanks to tiny bubbles that formed inside lava rock 2.7 billion years ago. Researcher say that they have been able to analyze gas bubbles from inside […]