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GMO: Something’s Fishy in China

A wide gulf separates the two most prominent views regarding China’s future. Faced with slowing economic growth, one side says its leaders will deftly navigate a soft landing, while the other claims it will face an implosion similar to those that befell Japan […]

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Is China A Lifeline For Iran And Its Oil Exports?

There were few signs that US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had any success during his visit to Beijing this month to persuade China to help pressure Tehran over its nuclear program by buying less Iranian oil. “China’s regular demand for energy has nothing to do with the nuclear […]

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Is China Now Number One In Economy?

Each year I have done a post discussing the issue of when China will have the world’s largest economy. Lester Thurow says it won’t be until the 22nd century; I say it may have already happened. Just to be clear, […]

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Common Misconceptions About China

Why should Americans try to understand what is happening to the Chinese economy? Why would the average American citizen even consider what is happening on the other side of the world even an important subject for discussion?  We hear a […]