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Passive Assets To Cool As QE Ends?

Passive Assets To Cool As QE Ends?

With 4.5x more assets flowing into passive assets over active funds last year, it seems as if investors have almost entirely given up on active managers. To some degree, active managers themselves are to blame for this shift. Years of […]

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A New Approach To Active Investing

It’s been easy to argue against active management lately, too many funds to choose from, most of them underperform.  In an environment where the S&P 500 has returned 15% annually over the past five years (double its historical average), it’s […]

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Tom Gardner – Active Rules

We have been receiving many emails from viewers about the merits of passive versus active investing, a topic we have been covering over the years, but more frequently recently as more research comes in. A lot of people threw in […]

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Beware Passive Investing

Advisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives. “Nobody is going to save you but yourself and the best and only way to do so is through action.” – Oli Anderson[1] […]

Active Versus Passive Investing: Can We End The Confusion?

Active Versus Passive Investing: Can We End The Confusion?

I’ve noticed something profound the past few years: depending on your audience, the definition of active investing and passive investing is different. To a financial journalist, active means “human stock-picker,” and passive means “computer stock-picker.” In addition, financial journalists often […]