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Pakistan Beats India Geopolitically: Analysis

Pakistan is defeating India in their geopolitical battle. Islamabad has managed to score several geopolitical advantages, leaving New Delhi behind, according to one Forbes contributor. Pakistan reportedly has extracted several benefits from China and the United States, according to Panos Mourdoukoutas, a Forbes […]

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Pakistan vs. India Water Row Is About To Explode

Pakistan and India seem unable to resolve the Indus Water Treaty dispute bilaterally. Tensions between the two nuclear neighbors regarding the water conflict pose a global threat and could bring dramatic consequences. While the World Bank is urging Pakistan and […]

Russia Publicly Favors Pakistan Over India

Russia Publicly Favors Pakistan Over India

India is worried that its nearly 70-year friendship with Russia is about to end. Russia is warming up to India’s biggest historical enemy, Pakistan, which inevitably has led to tensions between New Delhi and Moscow. So even though India and […]