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Customer POV – Amazon Vs Netflix

A great many tech companies, Amazon is the most famous example and Snap is one of the most recent, are valued on what I call an “and then you pull the switch” basis. By this I mean during phase one […]

Amazon’s Making It Tough To Be A Costco Shareholder

Amazon’s Making It Tough To Be A Costco Shareholder

Amazon’s (NasdaqGS:AMZN) purchase of Whole Foods (NasdaqGS:WFM) has rocked the retail industry to a great extent. One casualty (of many) has been Costco (NasdaqGS:COST) whose stock price took a 7% hit after news of the acquisition broke on June 16th. […]

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Technology Stocks As A Proxy For Market Risk

Question = Can you explain the rationale behind many technology company valuations and recently sharp price moves upward notwithstanding the recent sell-off? Especially interested in FAAANG-CMT? The Small-Cap Investing Handbook Part Ten: Conclusion Passive Investing ETFs Account For 6% Of […]

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Tom Russo – Do Brands Still Matter?

Do brands still matter?  In the U.S., the great disruptor known as Amazon is wreaking havoc across a wide swath of consumer brands, products, and retailers. From books to food, to household goods to entertainment, to wine and, with its […]