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Aristotle Value Equity 1Q16 Commentary – Amgen

Aristotle Value Equity 1Q16 Commentary – Amgen

Aristotle Value Equity commentary for the first quarter ended March 31, 2016. Markets Review Sluggish economic growth, a fragile oil price recovery and uncertainty surrounding global monetary policy led to U.S. stocks ending the first quarter just slightly above where […]

Historically hedge fund performance fees have remained above 19%, but in the aftermath of the global financial crisis the average fees have declined. Although hedge funds outperformed underlying markets in 2008, managers posted grave losses and as a consequence their fee structure came under serious scrutiny. Another trend that has put downward pressure on fees has been the preference among  large institutional investor to allocate to the larger hedge funds in comparison to their smaller sized peers. As a result, newly  launched hedge funds with a small AUM base have lowered their fees in order to attract investors and secure more funding.

How Tough Are Investors Getting On Hedge Fund Fees

How Tough Are Investors Getting On Hedge Fund Fees by Convergence The debate around lowering hedge fund fees is nothing new and costs are often mentioned among the reasons for high-profile, largescale redemptions. While other factors were undoubtedly involved, the […]

Wealthier Apple Inc. Users Targeted By Hackers

According to a security expert Apple users are targeted by cybercriminals who believe that they are more likely to have a disposable income. Blogger Graham Cluley warns that hackers are targeting Apple users as they believe that they generally have […]

Chinese Embrace Human Cloning, Ignoring Western Concerns

China’s scientific community, in embracing human cloning techniques, isn’t opposed to “playing god.” Citing new research, they tout techniques to solve an AIDS-related genetic issues, ignoring international concerns and advocating the Asian nation “make its own rules” regarding genetic engineering […]