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Markets Offer Gold Discount

If markets were logical we’d all be rich. But as long as they’re composed of human beings who are generally fearful, flighty and easily stampeded markets will never be logical. Even the machines that execute stock trades automatically are programmed […]

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India’s Hidden Inflation and You

Every country’s economy has to deal with inflation over time. Prices gradually go up, and, ideally, wages go up in a comparable way. However, India’s inflation rate is currently far higher than what it should be. And a significant portion […]

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Chinese Banks on the Brink

October could indeed turn out to be the month for scary surprises, but not for the reasons people think. While we’re distracted by the national circus we call the presidential election, there are economic threats building abroad. If you think […]

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Tokyo Olympic Gold Medals to Be Made from Recycled Electronics?

When a country hosts the Olympics, where do they get the precious metals used to manufacture the gold, silver, and bronze medals? Traditionally, local mining companies donate them to the cause. However, Japan has almost no precious metals mining operations […]