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Economic Confidence Is Slipping Under Trump

Economic confidence has declined slightly, following a record surge in recent months, mostly due to concerns on the left, according to a poll released Tuesday. President Donald Trump entered office at a time when economic confidence was near a record […]

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Value Investing In A Trump World

With Donald Trump making headlines on an hourly basis and our social media accounts going crazy with comments on his presidency of it being an effective coup and a one-way route to the apocalypse, we are left asking ourselves: Should […]

Are Small-Caps Getting Back To Normal?

Are Small-Caps Getting Back To Normal?

Co-CIO Francis Gannon studies recent changes in the market, which seems to be consolidating, and how this could impact small-cap investors. Royce’s Charlie Dreifus recently remarked that in 2017 January exhibited a familiar tendency in which the fourth quarter’s winners […]