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Investing Like A Rock Star

The last time I returned from a trek overseas, I brought back a few souvenirs for my friends: some wooden beads I found in a market in Chiang Mai, Thailand; a few elephant statues from Siem Reap, Cambodia … and […]

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What The Heck Else Is The Fed Up To?

Perhaps I should start with a disclaimer of sorts. Yes, I realize that the people working at the Federal Reserve, as well as the other central banks around the world, are just people.  Like the rest of us, they have […]

By World Economic Forum (Flickr: The Global Financial Context: Paul Singer) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Paul Singer Warns Of A World At Risk

With $32.6 million under management, Elliott Management is a hedge fund with a track record of understanding the “hedge” component of their category definition. As he looks over today’s market situation and sees discomforting similarities with 2008, he readies for […]