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Pokemon Go Cheats And Hacks For Every Player

Pokemon Go is the game almost everyone is playing, and ithas its fans walking the streets at all hours of the day and night looking for augmented reality-based creatures. However, with the recent clamp-down on third-party apps and websites that […]

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BMW Mocks Tesla Model 3 Waiting List In New Ad

Tesla is known for maintaining long waiting lists and for late deliveries, but that does not affect the demand and popularity of its cars. However, this has irritated BMW, which does not believe in the old popular saying that good things may […]

ETFs: Who’s Buying What?

ETFs: Who’s Buying What?

ETFs: Who’s Buying What? by Dave Nadig, Director of Exchange Traded Funds – FactSet If there’s one question that ETF wonks like me get asked all the time it’s, “Who owns ETFs?” More specifically, “Who owns this particular ETF?” There […]