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Proselytizing capitalism And Blockchain In Kyrgyzstan

Twenty-one years ago, I travelled to the most remote corners of an obscure country in Central Asia that few people have ever heard of. I was on a proselytizing mission: To “convert” subjects to the “religion” of capitalism. Proselytizing capitalism […]

Stranger Things – Netflix

Stranger Things – Netflix

Maybe it’s the 80’s nostalgia, maybe it’s dungeons and dragons, or the themed pop up bar in Chicago, but the thought a season two premiere of Stranger Things has us thinking of Demogorgons and Thessalhydra this Halloween season. The return […]

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Trump Vs Obama In 2020

The twenty-second amendment to the United States constitution bars a president from running for a third term. In 2016 Hillary Clinton attempted to defy this constitutional prohibition by running for president as Barack Obama. Planning to build upon Obamacare and […]