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How Uncertainty Impacts Funding For Microfinance Organizations

How Uncertainty Impacts Funding for Microfinance Organizations by [email protected] Wharton’s Adam Cobb and Tyler Wry discuss their research on funding microfinance organizations. Microfinance has proven to be an important tool in helping lift people out of poverty by providing low-interest […]

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The 4 Different Types Of Growth

The 4 Different Types Of Growth by Goh Tee Leng, Value Edge It is broadly true that growth is a very strong, if not the strongest, driver of stock valuations. However, the impact of growth depends on its source and […]

ChartBrief #6 CNY VS JPY REER

ChartBrief #6 CNY VS JPY REER

This ChartBrief looks at the REER (Real Effective Exchange Rate – from the BIS) for China and Japan. You probably have two questions; why these two countries, and what are REERs?  First is China has seen its REER down 7% […]