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Find Your Next Job on Facebook

Find Your Next Job on Facebook In February, Facebook announced the ability to post, and look for, jobs. Available in the United States and Canada at this point in time, business pages can now list their job openings and hiring managers […]

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Why This Market Needs To Crash And likely will

  Like an old vinyl record with a well-worn groove, the needle skipping merrily back to the same track over and over again, we repeat: Today’s markets are dangerously overpriced. Being market fundamentalists who don’t believe it’s possible to simply […]

4 Surprising Facts About Resource Private Equity Now

4 Surprising Facts About Resource Private Equity Now

Big week in natural resource private equity. With PE specialists Preqin releasing their “2017 Natural Resources Report”. The volume is perhaps the world’s most detailed assessment of private resource investment globally. Breaking down statistics both on overall worldwide trends, as well as […]

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Be Prepared For Increased Volatility

Co-CIO Francis Gannon explains what increasing volatility could mean for investors, and how it could benefit active managers. Watch the video here. Volatility One of the more interesting aspects of the market I think investors have to recognize going forward is […]

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Wall Street’s Pink Flamingos

Wall Street’s Pink Flamingos Close The night I flew into West Palm Beach, a string of deadly tornadoes ripped across Florida. High winds pounded surf against jagged coastline and whipsawed the 100-foot-tall trees along Royal Palm Way—what locals call Bankers’ […]