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The Virtues Of Discrimination

I deserve to be punished! Yesterday, I received some mail from subscribers in response to my article about the end of the empire:   “More buggered than an alter boy at the Vatican”. This is a witch hunt against the […]

Fed Balance Sheet Unwind? No Reason To Worry!

Fed Balance Sheet Unwind? No Reason To Worry!

In the wake of the Fed decision to begin reducing its balance sheet, speculation abounds. Pundits of all stripes are speculating about what this will do to interest rates, the economy, and the stock market. The answer is easy. Nothing. […]

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LG Trials Cleaning And Guide Robots At Korean Airport

LG started trialing cleaning and guide robots at South Korea’s Incheon International Airport on Friday, believing that the robots will have various commercial applications and offer ample business opportunities. The Korean firm is deploying two prototype robots at the airport: the Airport […]