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Russia Sends Anti-Aircraft Missiles To Syria

The Russian buildup in Syria continues as the Air Force deploys air defense missile systems to secure Syrian air space. Military activity in Syria has caused tension between Russia and the United States, and now the head of the Russian Air […]

JPMorgan’s Kolanovic: Another Flash Crash Possible

JPMorgan’s Kolanovic: Another Flash Crash Possible

The derivatives research team at JPMorgan that forecast the August market sell off based on algorithmic positioning and then, again based on a reversion of systematic positioning, predicted on September 24 the subsequent market rally in October, has yet another […]

NASA Says Solar Winds Stripped Mars Atmosphere

After a recent spate of announcements about the Red Planet, NASA made a revelation about the Martian atmosphere this Thursday. During a live stream NASA scientists revealed that new data showed how Mars used to be warm and wet before solar winds […]