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Netflix Plans To Invade Russia Next Month [REPORT]

Netflix plans to complete its global quest by the end of 2016, and Russia, the largest country by area, is on Netflix’s list of next-year launches. Russian publication Izvestia reported that the streaming firm will begin operations in Russia starting in January, […]

Time For Apple Inc. To Go On An Acquisition Spree?

Analysts predict that sales of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s flagship iPhones may decline in 2016. The Cupertino company doesn’t have large streams of recurring, high-margin revenues to offset a slowdown in iPhone sales. With more than $200 billion in cash, will […]

ECB Pulls Fast One On Macro Hedge Funds

ECB Pulls Fast One On Macro Hedge Funds

Macro funds are having a very tough year. That trend continued recently as most macro hedge funds (funds trading on macroeconomic themes) were surprised by the weak move by European Central Bank on Thursday. Making investments assuming a weaker euro and […]