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BAML Beat Factor Points To Long / Short Stock Picks

BAML Beat Factor Points To Long / Short Stock Picks

Beat factor? Bank of America Merrill Lynch is looking for the most out-of-consensus stock ideas from which to make stock picking recommendations. The research product, titled the “Beat Factor,” ultimately comes up with a list of long and short names […]

Empirical Study On Greed

Empirical Study On Greed

Empirical Study On Greed Yiqiao Yin University of Rochester, Students January 31, 2016 Abstract: This paper studies cross-sectional stock returns from intrinsic and extrinsic point of view. We extend the model from Yin (Dec. 2015) to moving averages and we […]

Air Pollution Causes Obesity In Rats [STUDY]

According to a new scientific study, air pollution can increase rates of obesity and diabetes. Scientists used lab rats and exposed them to the highly polluted air of the Chinese capital Beijing. Air quality in the city is famously bad, […]

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HPV Numbers In Teen Girls On The Massive Decline

Jenny McCarthy, vaccine deniers, and sensible people all over the world will be forced to rejoice based on new numbers from the CDC that show that human papillomavirus (HPV) has been largely put in check by vaccinations. Vaccinations on the […]


Liberty Media — Q4 2015 Shareholding

BY BEOWULF CAPITAL As I continued to dig into Libery Media (LMCA/K) ownership, I came across a few interesting names that are invested along with John Malone. While it is true that LMCA/K have declined quite a bit since 12/31, we […]