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Investing Generalist

Investing Generalist

“See a lot, be a generalist. Be security agnostic.” Andy Redleaf “We consider our lack of formal industry specialisation a strength.   Without a dedicated retail specialist, for example, we’re less obliged to invest in retail businesses if opportunities seem scarce.” Vinson […]

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Has Celebrity News Cut Single Mom Stigma?

Back issues of People magazine suggest that celebrity news has helped lessen the stigma of being pregnant and single. “Celebrities typically did not apologize for getting pregnant outside of marriage,” says Hanna Grol-Prokopczyk, an assistant professor of sociology at the University at Buffalo. […]

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No Food For 8 Days. These Baby Worms Didn’t Starve

Young worms born to underfed moms handle starvation much better than those born to well-fed moms, new research shows. “Mom somehow provisions the embryo, or programs it.” Young Worms The study involved two groups of tiny nematode worms called C. […]