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What Consumers Are Saying About The iPhone 7 [SURVEY]

The results are in! Toluna Quicksurveys joined yesterday’s Apple event and overnight they polled over 1,000 American consumers on their initial reactions to the iPhone 7. This survey was conducted by Toluna Quicksurveys using AskTheNation, which weights figures for age, sex, race/ethnicity, […]

Apple Watch Will Soon Be Sold At Macy’s

Apple Watch Will Soon Be Sold At Macy’s

The Apple Watch will soon be offered for sale at Macy’s, the first major department store to offer the wearable, according to Fortune. Macy’s has more than 180 stores across the U.S. where customers will be able to buy the […]

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Dainty Eaters, Spiny Plants Helped Create Savanna

Dainty Eaters, Spiny Plants Helped Create Savanna by Katherine Gombay-McGill The eating habits of antelopes and their relatives are responsible, at least in part, for the creation of the savanna, according to a new study. The finding provides an answer […]

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Tesla Motors Inc Communications Head Khobi Brooklyn Resigns

Tesla’s two-time Vice President of Global Communications, Ricardo Reyes, quit the EV firm earlier this year, making Tesla’s already-small communications department even smaller. Khobi Brooklyn, Director of Communications, became the most senior employee since the departure of Reyes, but now she is […]