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How to make 13% on your favorite song

Did you know that until June 28, 2016, the song “Happy Birthday” was actually copyrighted material? Yes, I’m serious. And I’m talking about THAT Happy Birthday, as in the song we all sing at birthday parties. The original melody was […]

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The Art Of The Probe

Slade: How the hell did you know I didn’t have the king or the ace? Lancey Howard: I recollect a young man putting the same question to Eddie the Dude. “Son,” Eddie told him, “all you paid was the looking […]

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Martin Lipton vs Ira Millstein On Activist Investing

New corporate governance paradigms are all the rage. On Wednesday, I was at Columbia University for the 2016 Millstein Governance Forum, a day-long event dedicated to “Governance, leadership and the future of the corporation.” The Forum, and the Millstein Center […]

How To Find The Best Sector Mutual Funds 4Q16

How To Find The Best Sector Mutual Funds 4Q16

Finding the best mutual funds is an increasingly difficult task in a world with so many to choose from. How can you pick with so many choices available? Don’t Trust Mutual Fund Labels There are at least 238 different Financials […]