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Why Investors Should Care About Corporate Governance

Portfolio Manager Charlie Dreifus outlines four key corporate governance issues he focuses on and why they are important for investors. Watch the video here. Why Investors Should Care About Corporate Governance Steve Lipper: When you want to look more deeply […]

Weak Markets

Weak Markets

“A down market lets you buy more shares in great companies at favourable prices. If you know what your doing, you’ll make most of your money from these periods. You just won’t realise it to much later” Shelby Davis “The times […]

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The Election That Had No Winner

The United States held a general election on Tuesday. Nobody won. Many will claim that Donald Trump won the election, as he is the person who gets to call himself “president” today. However, such a conclusion clearly flies in the […]

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Unrelated Anger Can Turn Shady At Work

Angry employees are more likely to do unethical things at work—even if work isn’t what they’re angry about. The finding underscores how important it is for supervisors to pay attention to employees’ emotions — especially when the emotion is anger. […]